Lab Personnel

Johnson lab 2016  Back row:  Kevin, Dr. J, John, Andrew, Emily, Colton, Conner, Melinda.  Front row:  Collin, Cosmo (in disguise), David

Dr. Steven Johnson Steven Johnson Principal Investigator
Ph.D., Molecular Biology, Yale University, 2004
From:  Provo, UT

Dr. J moving important equipment

Colton Kempton Colton Kempton Graduate Student
Pursuing a Ph.D. in Microbiology
From: Safford, Arizona
I am investigating the effects of nucleosome position and nucleosome positioning elements on long term transgene expression.

Julie Roberts Lab Manager
B.S. Genetics and Biotechnology
From: South Salt Lake City, Utah
I work with Dr. J and the students to coordinate research efforts in the lab. Additionally I am working on a project that seeks to understand the role that single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) play in nucleosome positioning. 

Collin Skousen Graduate Student
Pursuing M.S. in Molecular Biology
From: San Diego, California

  Bradley Taylor Undergraduate Student
Major: B.S. Molecular Biology
From: Palo Alto, California
My work focuses on understanding the role that single nulceotide polymorphisms play in nucleosome positioning.

Daniel Evans ​​Undergraduate Student
Major: B.A. Chinese
From: Bountiful, Utah

Katie Church Undergraduate Student
Major: B.S. Molecular Biology
From: Fresno, California

Lab Alumni

  Ben May Former Undergraduate Researcher
  Kristi Jameson Former Undergraduate Researcher

Elliot Winters Former Undergraduate Researcher
Major: B.S., Exercise Science 2011
Currently an Anesthesiology Resident at the University of Virginia

  Niranjan Baral Former Undergraduate Researcher
  Ben Jorgensen Former Undergraduate Researcher
Major: B.S., Biology 2011
Currently in Medical School
  Zack Loud Former Undergraduate Researcher
Major: B.S., 
Currently in Medical School in Florida

Kellie Hecht Kellie Hecht Former Undergraduate Researcher
Major: B.S., Molecular Biology 2012

  Brett Ipson Former Undergraduate Researcher
Major: B.S., Molecular Biology 2012
Currently in MD/PhD program in Texas
Kade McQuivey
Kade McQuivey Former Undergraduate Researcher
Major: B.S., Exercise Science

  Scott Wilkes Former Undergraduate Researcher
Major: B.S., Molecular Biology 2012
  Julie Roberts Former Undergraduate Researcher
Major: B.S., 
Currently lab manager for Dr. J's lab
  Scott Nelson Former Undergraduate Researcher
Major: B.S., 

  Samantha Martinez Former Undergraduate Researcher
Major: B.S., 

  Mark Murdock Former Undergraduate Researcher
Major: B.S., 

  Justin Ibey Former Undergraduate Researcher
Major: B.S., Molecular Biology 2012

 Ashley Wright Ashley Wright​ Former Graduate Researcher
M.S., Molecular Biology 2014
 Johnathan Wilcock Jonathan Wilcock Former Undergraduate Researcher
Major: B.S., Microbiology
Currently in Medical School
 Marcus Vranes Marcus Vranes Former Undergraduate Researcher
Major: B.A., Spanish
Currently in Medical School
 Tara Hammond Tara Hammond Former Undergraduate Student
Major: B.S., Molecular Biology
 McKay Daines McKay Daines Former Undergraduate Researcher
Major: B.A., Communications
 Sharisa Nay Sharisa Nay Former Undergraduate Researcher
Major: B.S., Molecular Biology
 Hyrum Shumway Hyrum Shumway Former Undergraduate Student
Major: B.S., Microbiology
From: St. Louis, Missouri
Currently working on a Master's at BYU in Rich Robison's lab 
 Jordan Ritchie
Jordon Ritchie Former Undergraduate Student
Major: B.S., Molecular Biology, Bioinformatics
From: Okemos, MI
Octamer reconstruction, DNA random shearing 
Currently working at Myriad Genetics